"A hero’s journey begins with a single step". —Kimberley D. Tait

Welcome to my website!  My novels are an exploration into strong, character-driven conflicts within families, friendships, and deep, romantic love. I write across many genres, from historical fiction to romantic thrillers, to science-fiction/fantasy themes.  I also blog hilarious stories from my childhood.

A History of Lightning is my latest novel.  Currently, I am seeking representation for this historical piece with hope of landing a publishing contract.  This is a story of great conflict within a family forced to survive the harsh years of the Oklahoma Dustbowl. It is the story of undying courage in the face of adversity, where thirteen-year-old Teo Shaw will have to sacrifice everything to save his ten-year-old sister, Soraya, from their deranged father, Dax Shaw.

A Dangerous Ride was previously published in the early 2000’s. It is my goal for 2022 to edit this equine-themed, romantic thriller for today’s market, and complete the sequel, Spirit Horse, to self-publish both books together in 2022.

The Pearl of Delphine is a science fiction/fantasy novel that was completed years ago and is only now seeing the light of day!  This is a tale of two siblings, Sela J’honair, and her twin brother, Corin, who navigated a watery world of bridges and barges, and tide pools and canals. Where corruption runs deep in the Old Families of Delphine, and everyone can be bought and sold for the right price. I am hoping to start querying agents for this book, and am currently working on the sequel, Dark Water, that will be completed by early spring of 2022, and the third installment, titled, Crown of Stars, that will be completed by the end of the summer of 2022.